by Ruins

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Released on Twisted Chords and Halo of Flies.

Recordings, mixing and photography by ourselves in the cold caves of AJZ Bielefeld from March to April 2015. Mastered by Role (Die Tonmeisterei)

Tobi and Cory for releasing our second LP, our beloved Flo from Kyrest for past artworks and the one for this 12”, Vanessa for the incredible backings on “The Hatch”, to all the nice people and bands we’ve met along the way for concerts, parties and punk!

Cover: bit.ly/1hiF9oQ
Sleeve: bit.ly/1MtETOY


released August 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Ruins Bielefeld, Germany

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Track Name: Asylum
A black flash enlightens the silence
The noise of solitariness
A tempest to disrupt your windless cave
A dreadful abyss to prevail

In rooms without roofs
Within the walls forever doomed
In rooms without roofs
Behind the veil lies the truth

Dead rain seals a dried out mouth
An umbral wall beclouds all light
But frees you from the fetters of the past
And tears to tatters all the dark
Track Name: Shiver
It´s the end of the storm
Spitting and shaking is over
Terrified eyes
Try to gasp
Heavy breath burning throat
Ear splitting silence

All glass broke

Glittering ground
Cutting and blinding and laughing at you
It´s the end of the storm
Not the end of the war
Bedded in broken glass
Awaiting the next attac
Track Name: The Hatch
They rise from ancient ruins
They lust, they crave, they gather at the sky
Like the mighty roar of thunder in the distance
Like a thundercloud they subjugate the light
As you look inward you sense damnation in the air
Slowly you raise your eyes towards the trembling sky

Like a swarm of locusts they ́re pouring down on you,
destroy the harvest of your life,
take everything you love

And as you ́re entering this cruel dance, dead bodies falling to the floor
You crush one hundred, crush one thousand, but there will rise one million more
And as you ́re sinking down to the bloodsoaked ground,
among this ocean of corpses you realize that they nest inside of you
They nest inside of you
A seed was planted into a young chest
No one understood the breed behind the curtains of a polite restrained smile
Now all that ́s left are ancient ruins
Inside this crippled shape of a dying heart they will hatch and rise and crave for everything you love Take everything you love
Track Name: Inversion
Glowing ash
Wooden lies
Merged to skies

In sooted glass
What to see
I am this (this) ain´t me

In the mirror
See the eyes
In the mirror
Telling lies

In the mirror
See the glass
In the mirror
Reflecting scars

In the mirror
See the glass
Reflecting death
Reflecting scars

In the mirror
See yourself
In the mirror
Someone else
Track Name: Differre
- instrumental -
Track Name: The Burden
Multiplying the burden
Stacking up all that shit
The foundation long since out of sight
Losing grip, losing confidence
Unable to thrive
Those beloved idle days drowned in the swamps of stagnation of life

Full stagnation
No salvation
And heavy walls that are tumbling down
Conceal the ruins that are not our own
And all the wrinkles on concrete faces
Are just the sum of self-pity and hatred

Multiplying the burden
Losing grip, losing confidence
Foundation long out of sight
Stagnation, unable to thrive

Bricks that keep crashing down
From the ruins we've built on our own

Stagnation – Frustration
Lost in – contemplation
Selfbuilt damnation
We're creeping in isolation
Frustration – Stagnation
Self in- carceration
Selfbuilt - isolation
We're crawling - in damnation