by Ruins

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released April 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Ruins Bielefeld, Germany

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Track Name: Forlorn
Time is right
Storms inside
More black signs
Like deranged brute
Blind baleful the truth
No will replies
Sustained pain
Shades the saints
No zest for life
No will replies
Let kingdom come
Alone beyond
Track Name: Papermade
Covered in black lies the town
Last lonesome being, out alone
Flickering schemes flood the mind
Crumbling monuments of Golden Times

Tinted in gray sleeps the street
Papermade shelter, framed by concrete
Is it salvation in glass or further swallowing to fen
It's hard to think back of the point it began
The rain's pouring toughly and no readiness is left for the fray
On this lonely road to decay
Track Name: A Fading Shape
A fading shape
Of what once was
A silent gasp
Proofs the decline, proofs an ongoing constant loss

They all have tried
To gain insight
To pass a gate
But to lay bare this truth has ever been denied

Keeping on creeping on
Fiends won´t get out of sight
In the end no saving light

Pius intentions - Down the sink
So much paper - No ink
Self-given promises - Empty they are
Beyond salvation - Long since too far
Track Name: Zest
A new day´s rise
Again blue skies
Overcome the past times ties
Recall the hate
Hazardous fate
Condemn what they all have made
Now realize – you´re still inside
all has been lies – still flickering lights
Track Name: The Ugly Process of Inner Darkening
Through the dirty surface
Of tired eyes starring without an aim
Sunlight colored
In black and gray
The sticky eyelids can not protect from pictures
Drawn in the colors that bury this world
The sight reverts back to the root
Lost in nonfinite deeps

Craving for dead eyes
Craving for inner blindness

Through the dirty surface
Specters appear in black and grey
A hostile surrounding
No shelter in sight
The colors that bury this world start to force down the last light
Surrounding this empty ghost
And for the last time
The sticky eyelids close

Craving for dead eyes
Craving for inner blindness
Death of the minds eye
Final peace of inner darkness